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5 Days of Awe:

The Awe Project

The Awe Project’s design was inspired by the positive feedback from warr;or21, a 21-day resilience program where one of the day’s content is structured around the concept and practice of awe. The Awe Project consists of five days (Monday through Friday) of various practices and takes place online through the Google Classroom platform in a private, password protected classroom. Google Classroom is accessible on both mobile devices and computers.  


Why awe? Experiencing awe is much more important than a sensation, it is also strategic. There are many science-backed benefits of awe that can impact both your professional and personal life.


The benefits of awe can include increases in: prosocial behavior, expanding one's sense of time (not feeling rushed), patience, handling the unknown, social connectedness, collaboration, humility, critical thinking, and positive mood.


Participants take part voluntarily and are provided with the access code to the private classroom. The evening prior to the program starting, each participate views a short overview video, introduces themselves to the group, and completes a brief pre-program survey.  

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Each day of the program is structured in a similar manner with both morning and afternoon practices that take approximately 7-10 minutes to complete each session. For each session, the participate receives an alert from the application when the practices have been posted: 5:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. respectively for the morning and evening practices.  


Participants are asked to complete the morning session prior to noon each day. The morning sessions consists of a one minute breathing practice, watching a short awe-inducing video, and then answering a question in the classroom application. On certain days the question includes responding to a previous comment made by another participant.  


Participants are requested to complete the evening session between when it is posted (7:00 p.m.) and prior to going to bed. The evening session is similarly designed to the morning session: a short awe-inducing video and the participant is asked to answer a question or provide feedback on the video. As part of the evening practices, on certain days it also includes gratitude practices and also a prospection practice. The purpose of these two practices, which are connected to resilience, is it both looks in the past as well as the future of positive events.  



Overall Remarks on the Program: 


  1. The Awe Project helped me start and end my day on a positive note. I felt excited to take on the day. And I went to bed feeling some of the day’s stress washed away. 

  2. I find myself a bit more grounded and calmer. I plan on continuing some breathing exercises in the morning… This has been amazing.  

  3. I found myself feeling more intense appreciation and enjoyment from simple things. 

  4. I loved how only a few moments in a day had such a great impact. 

  5. These five days made me humbler and more appreciative of what I have. 

  6. I thoroughly enjoyed and looked forward to participating in this daily, and I feel like it was nice getting to know everyone at least a little. It’s been a particularly busy week for me, and this shared, meaningfully productive experience adding something meaningful to it. 

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