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  • 9 Panel Discussions

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Police Deserve Positive Mental Health & Resilience

The international Police Resilience Symposium will take place from September 22-24, 2020. It is being co-hosted by the New York City Police Department (NYPD) and Columbia University Irving Medical Center. 


This virtual event will bring together leading researchers in resilience and related areas under the theme of “Resilience and Well-Being NOW.”


We have specifically chosen this theme because we have to address now both the global and local-based issues that are taking a negative toll on police personnel both mentally and physically. It is when the individual and agency take responsibility for their well-being that science-based practices in resilience can help members become aware of resilience techniques in order to develop practical, positive coping strategies in order to persevere during these hard times. 


Further to the theme of “now” is although we have plans to host a much larger, in-person conference in New York City next year, we do not want to wait an entire year to get together. We are using this virtual gathering in 2020 as all police deserve to have positive mental health. The will be no registration fee for attendees.   


Research has shown that when the individual officer has overall positive mental and physical health, and is resilient, the benefits go beyond increasing their personal well-being. It extends to making their agency more effective and this impacts the community by making it safer. 


Join us:  


  1. Get insight from well-established leaders in both research and policing to learn about how the neuroscience of resilience can help the individual member and their agencies. Additionally, get knowledge on how leaders in policing are taking a personal and agency-based approach to make genuine change that is impactful now and one that is sustainable. 

  2. Learn more about recent and prominent resilience research that can help enhance police resilience. 

  3. Find out about cutting-edge and emerging programs and practices as well as those that have been established in agencies. Find out how they were developed, what has worked, and what hasn’t. 


Be part of this symposium and get information that you will be able to apply as a both a member of your agency and as an individual. 

How much does it cost to attend?

The event is FREE. Yes, there is no costs for attendees to participate. Due to the symposium taking place this year virtually, and costs being absorbed, we are happy to say there is no cost to attend. We want to make sure that a fee to attend this important symposium does not prevent anyone from attending.

Who should attend?

This symposium is for everyone. That said, the intended audience for this symposium is both police personnel and researchers involved in resilience and related areas.


For police personnel, this includes both uniformed and civilian professionals, as well as members of all ranks. Individuals will learn information they can apply to look after their own well-being while leadership attendees while be able to collect information on how to implement science-back practices that they can institute agency-wide. 

For researchers, regardless of where you in your career, we hope the talks at this symposium will both inform you and inspire you to continue your important role in helping others enhance their mental health and improve their resilience. It is because of your research that effective practices and programs are being designed in policing, for first responders, and elsewhere. 

For everyone else, think about it for a second - if this resilience information is relevant to police personnel, it most certainly is relevant to you too. Why? We are all people, and we all face tough, unexpected, adverse situations in life. If the information being shared in this symposium can be helpful to police members, it can also be helpful to you including other first responders, front line workers, and anyone else across the world. 

Everyone , including police, deserve to have positive mental health and enhance their resilience. Let this symposium inform you to look after yours, those you work with, and those close to you. 

Do I have to attend all the sessions?

As much as we would like you to attend all the sessions, we also fully understand people have other commitments too. Pick and choose as many as you'd like to attend, and again, don't forget, they are all free. 

What if I miss a session that I wanted to attend?

We understand things come up so, don't worry. All presentations are being recorded and will be uploaded on this website and also on the symposium's YouTube channel

The session(s) I attended looks/was great. How do I get more information?

You can get more information in a variety of ways. Start by going to the plenary or session web page. There, you'll find more information on each speaker and their presentation. Additionally, you'll find their contact information, social media channels, and links to read more on the content they shared. 

How do I help spread the word about this symposium?

We ask that you share this event on your social media channels and throughout your networks. Consider following @ResilienceSymposium on Twitter and please use #PoliceResilience on your social media posts. 

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