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Day 2 - Plenary 2.b
Sept. 23, 9:30 - 9:55 am (EST/USA)
1:30 - 1:55 pm (London)
11:30 - 11:55 pm (Sydney/Melbourne/Brisbane)
Sept. 24, 1:30 - 1:55 am (New Zealand)
Suicide Prevention & Resilience

Suicide is the result of many factors. The combination of factors differs from suicide to suicide. Nevertheless some general principles can be detected and used to guide detection of high risk periods in higher risk individuals. Resilience matters in surviving those moments but so is the right help.  This presentation will describe an explanatory model of suicidal behavior that helps to understand its causes and risk factors and provides a guide to prevention. 

John Mann, MD

The Paul Janssen Professor of Translational Neuroscience at Columbia University Irving Medical Center

Director, Molecular Imaging and Neuropathology Division at the New York State Psychiatric Institute

J. John Mann MD, is The Paul Janssen Professor of Translational Neuroscience (in Psychiatry and in Radiology) and a former Vice Chair for Research in the Department of Psychiatry at Columbia University. He is Director of Research and Director of Molecular Imaging and the Neuropathology Division at the New York State Psychiatric Institute.

Dr. Mann is trained in Psychiatry and Internal Medicine and has a Doctorate in Neurochemistry. His research employs functional brain imaging, neurochemistry and molecular genetics to probe the causes of depression and suicide. Dr. Mann is the Director of the NIMH Conte Center for the Neuroscience of Mental Disorders, and Past President of the International Academy of Suicide Research.


Dr. Mann has published 458 papers and edited 10 books on the subjects of the biology and treatment of mood disorders, suicidal behavior and other psychiatric disorders. In private practice he specializes in the treatment of mood disorders.

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